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Best service ever! Dr Ian is so good. I come here with a neck pain and after 1-2 session its gone already. Now i can sleep pain free...
Syer Lloyd
Great treatment. Ian is very helpful and detail in consultation session, patience and friendly approach. Giving good advice to patients to recover or maintain better. Highly recommend anyone to visit. πŸ‘πŸ‘
Darren Yong
Dr Ian is very warm and friendly and highly skilful in his diagnosis & treatment. Love all simple tips yet workable that he suggested. Highly recommend for others too.
Sabariah Jusoh
...My posture and mobility improved right away after the appointment. I wholeheartedly advise anyone in need of chiropractic care to contact Dr. Ian and his staff. They have superior knowledge and skill, and I will without a doubt go back to them for more appointments.
Izuan Izam
Dr Ian truly does a great job with preventative measures. He has a genuine passion for what he does. Besides being an excellent clinician, he’s an even better person. Friendly and personable. Highly recommend!
Dr Paveena Nair
solid 10/10. Would give 6 stars if possible but Google limits to only 5. Dr Ian is everything that you need, whether you are hurting, aching, or just looking for a general consultation or a quick fix. He delivers. Thank you for improving my health, Dr Ian!
Andrew Lee
Have been visiting here for a couple of months, and Dr Ian never fails to make my aging, stress induced joints and muscles feel a lot better. The price is super affordable, service is top notch. 100% recommended!
Adelson Kam
Its good place to solve the back pain.Good explanation about the pain and knowing which nerve is effect.Good advice to reduce the pain in future with exercise consultation.
Dr Ian was very nice and helpful. His explanation was good and relatable. He made thorough check before treating specific areas. Highly recommended.
Keng Ann Low
Best feeling ever after the treatment. I get to know this place through Tik tok and wanted to try. It’s worth the money and experience. The Chiro was so friendly and explain to me in detail during consultation. I will surely recommend to people. I will definitely come back again.
Zee Kutty
Space is very clean and warming. Always friendly and fun chatting with Ian during my sessions. Would give great advice and knowledge on the causes and how to maintain. Ive definitely cut down on bad habits that causes pain in my body after visiting Ian. 100% recommend
Muhammad Shaheez
Ian is super patient to diagnose my lower back issue by understanding all of my medical history & lifestyle. Felt so good after the adjustment. Highly recommended!
Coryn See
Saw Dr Ian for the first time today. Knee pain turned out to be lack of exercise of thigh muscles and his chiro procedures relieved a lot of stiffness in my upper back. Consultation was thorough and doctor gave helpful advice to improve my general health in the long term. Pricing package was competitive and a bonus!
Adeline DeCruz
Dr Ian is a brilliant person with a clever and friendly way of helping you understand the issues connected to your health! He is helping me a great deal to heal and his work is truly inspirational. Thank you Dr Ian. In fact I cannot thank you enough.
Aysha Alcivar

Some success stories

Sport Injuries

Ann Y | Athlete
"Booking was swift with the front desk and Dr. Ian was very thorough especially with first time visits, he takes time to understand the activities you indulge in/lifestyle prior to treatment. Being an athlete, I prefer to see a chiro that exercises - and Dr. Ian does"
Sport Injuries

Lower Back Pain

Aina β€Ž
"This would be my first visit to Chiropractor, I was nervous. Planning to get back into climbing so I came here to get my back check as I've suffered injuries from wall climbing back before pandemic years started. The place is super clean, neat and chill. Great friendly energy and personalities by Dr Ian and the staff, Audrey which makes the experience good. Dr Ian has helped me to diagnose my problems I've having for the past fews years, gave good advise and some exercises I can do myself at home. Overall good experience, thank you :)"
Lower Back Pain

Weakness in Right Hand

Annusiaya β€Ž | Nurse
"My sister had a first session with professional advice and full explanation. DR is very friendly and treated as family. Would really recommend anyone to come over for consultation and therapy. "
Weakness in Right Hand

Lower Back Pain | Neck Pain

Dr Bella Azli | Neurosurgeon
"Ian is friendly and helps you understand the basis for your problem. My back and cervical pain improves after the manipulation. They are flexible in terms of making appointment for my busy schedule."
Lower Back Pain | Neck Pain

Lower Back Pain | Heel Pain

Sabariah Jusoh | Transformational Coach
"Dr Ian is very warm and friendly and highly skilful in his diagnosis & treatment. Love all simple tips yet workable that he suggested. Highly recommend for others too."
Lower Back Pain | Heel Pain

Lower Back Pain

Sean Yong | Data Analyst | Cheerleader
"Short and effective session"
Lower Back Pain

Severe Lower Back Pain

Sharifah | Fashion Model
"Berberapa bulan yg lalu saya mengalami sakit belakang, setelah saya berjumpa dgn Dr Ian, dia tlh pulihkan masalah saya. Sekarang saya sudah boleh berdiri seperti biasa, tiada lagi saya rasa berdiri atau berjalan seperti nenek. Terima Kasih Dr Ian atas perkhidmatan anda."
Severe Lower Back Pain

Back Pain | Posture

Wayne Lau | Private Jeweller
"Great personality and experience by a fun chiro. Very good time spent here and big thanks for solving my biggest problem, posture. Had bad pain behind my shoulder blade. Within seconds, he could provide me with an explanation and questioned me whether I crack my own back, the answer is yes. Then problem solved! With his miracle hands, he placed everything back to where it's supposed to be."
Back Pain | Posture
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